FUN RUN is a huge free event for the whole family that really has it all – bouncing pom-poms, bulging muscles, cyclist’s calves and even a flash mob that will have everyone moving. Fusing endurance performance with high camp and all the over-the-top heroic dressing that comes with big sporting events.


Following on from their successful performance in Melbourne's City Centre in May 2010, the Fun Run team were given the task of re-mounting the production for the 2011 Darwin Festival. The show, with it's unique combination of endurance performance, and camp spectacle, was again a hit, generating a large crowd during its over 4 hours duration. Jarrod's video design was taken and expanded from the original production. 


And for the Sydney Festival 2013 Fun Run was again remounted with further video additions.




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  • Next Wave Festival 2010

  • Darwin Festival 2011

  • Sydney Festival 2013